Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Short Term Plays

Well, they are coming at me fast and furious, and I'm not really taking any of my own advice. One of the things that I did decide, however, is that I am no longer going to be including them in my portfolio on the blog. I will just limit that to my long term hold items. I need to save time where I can, I'd like to be able keep up with everything working 50 hours a week, but as my absence for a couple of trading days shows, it's not happening with everything I'm trying to do right now, so I need to trim some redundancies. I will from now on only add a ticker to my portfolio if I have bought it as a long term investment, or held it for more than a week if it was initially considered a short term.

I have mixed emotions about how my short term trading is currently going. I don't seem to have my timing down, and I'm trying to watch too many at once, which means that I am not decreasing the number of stocks in my portfolio, which has been a goal for a few weeks now.

Another goal is to get up at 5 am, and it's midnight now. I am going to run through and update my portfolio on here, and then check out for the night.

Fed comes out with the interest rate announcements tomorrow, I'm hoping that it will end the day on a positive note. I have several short term positions sitting on the brink of their upside targets. While I've been holding them longer than I had planned, I only have a couple that I think will end up being losers. Time will tell!

Always perform your own due diligence before making any investment.

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