Saturday, December 15, 2007

12-10-07 to 12-14-07 Round Trip Option Plays

This post is a summary of the round trip option plays that I made this week. While it does not include all trades I made this week, I am throwing in option plays that I held over one night. While these are technically not round trips, I am going to include them in this first posting anyway, since I am still getting the hang of doing these round trip option trades.

By date

*GOOG puts gain 2.59

POT puts gain .35

POT calls gain 1.00 (held overnight)
POT calls gain .70

GOOG puts gain .50
GOOG calls gain .20
RIMM calls gain .30 (held overnight)

12/14 (Friday before option expiry, time decay killed my gains on these two).
PCU puts gain .20
RIMM puts gain .30

OK, after posting all these in one place I see that I have made gains on all of my round trips. I think part of this is because I have been holding some of my bad plays over before this week, instead of taking the loss the day I bought. I want to be up front that I am transitioning to this type of trading right now, and I do not expect to have only gains on every trade I make every week.

*Note: Since Google options are much more expensive than the other options I play, their target is higher. Also, this is the first week I have traded GOOG options, so I made a few rookie mistakes on the trades I made on the 13th. Most notably, GOOG options go in 10 increments, instead of 5, so they resist differently.

Always perform your own due diligence before making any investment.

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