Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bullish picks for next week

Anything on this list came from a screener on bullish chart patterns with over 1,000,000 volume, and then was cross referenced to Navellier's stock grading system, and he denotes it as an A.

DO: Harami Bullish (same pattern AGU had when I sent out that e-mail, the JAN 150 calls are around $3.00 right now, and the 155's are under $2.00)

ELON: 3 white soldiers (the JAN 25 calls are less than $1.00)

TBSI: Reversing long downward trend (JAN 40 calls around $1.00)

ADM: 3 days at 52 week High (the 50 calls are around .50, the 45 calls are less than 3.00 and in the money.)

SDTH: New highs plus High earnings growth (no options available)

The following stocks showed up on a screener called Bull Bull Bull, which wasn't specific as to what it was screening, other than "strong stocks exhibiting strength). Some good stocks show up on it though.

HES* (showed up on my screener last week too)

So, here are a few notes from my portfolio grader analysis.

ADM and SDTH have the best cash flow.

TBSI had the best overall scores, only 2 areas were not an A. Unfortunately they also had the worst cash flow.

I will definitely be playing DO calls next week. ELON calls are cheap so I may throw in a few of those too I haven't decided.

As for the rest, I'm going to spend some more time this weekend, and pick one or two to add to my IRA.

FRO has a great dividend (12%) and is also on my watch list for IRA.

Always perform your own due diligence before making any investment.

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