Friday, February 1, 2008

1/28/2008 - 2/1/2008 Round Trip Options

Another volatile week, and today was a rough day. Gonna keep this short and sweet.

GOOG puts loss 1.50
GOOG puts gain .50
GOOG puts gain 3.30
GOOG puts gain 2.20

GOOG calls loss .30
FSLR calls gain 1.00

GOOG puts gain 2.10
GOOG puts gain 1.00
GOOG puts loss .20
GOOG puts gain .70
GOOG puts gain .50

GOOG puts loss 1.30
GOOG puts loss 8.20
POT calls gain .35
PCU calls gain .10
POT calls gain .60
PCU calls gain .50

GOOG puts loss .3
PCU calls gain .05
GOOG puts loss .80

Always perform your own due diligence before making any investment.


Anonymous said...

"Peruvian Virus" sounds like something that can happen to your computer. Or maybe a great name for a rock band.

And I'm looking at the word verification thing as I'm typing that and it says "Xdbdrat". Sounds like a great way to describe the crappy winter we're having in my home town.

I sure hope you and your husband are recovering. I haven't seen a post since then so I wonder if it sent you "south" so to speak.

Anyway - best wishes to you!


CaPrincess said...

Hey 52.

I got through it finally. 2 weeks sick! Hubby had it 3 weeks, but he had to go to work off an on during it, so I think that is why it took so hard to recover. I worked through the whole thing, but I just had to walk from my bedroom to the office in my slippers. :)