Tuesday, November 6, 2007


HTE has been a big winner for me, as I've said before. Both with it's dividend, and with it's growth. The next quarters worth of monthly dividends should be announced along with the November quarterly financial reports. I am showing a date of November 8th for that announcement on Ameritrade, but not finding the confirmation on their website.

Anyway, if you have been watching for an in on this one, watching close this week and next would be a good idea. I'm looking for an out, not because I don't believe in this stock, but because it has increased in value enough since I bought it that selling it at around the $31.00 level is the same as collecting the next several years dividends in advance.

While I probably wont be looking to add it back to this portfolio, it is definitely on my watch list for my IRA (the check hasn't arrived yet, grrrr.)

You can see that I added a couple of short term calls to my portfolio, CROX and PCU. I added CROX, because my girl Lizzy at IHUB likes it, and so does my favorite stock guru, Louis Navellier. The PCU, because I have been watching this stock and learned so many lessons from it, I decided to test and see what I had really learned.

We will talk about the CROX calls another day (or not, hehe). PCU on the other hand, bang - zoom! I was so in tune with PCU today, that my dad was on e-mail with me watching the level 2's to keep me honest. (Thanks Dad!) I kept telling him what was going to happen for the next 15 to 30 minute interval, and if it happened what would happen for the next hour. I think we were both in shock with how eerily my predictions came through. I'm staying as grounded as I can, but it's times like this that it's hard not to believe I can't fly. *wink*

Anyway, at one point I decided to sell half my PCU contracts for double what I paid, so my remaining contracts are free and clear. PCU went up over $2.00 a share in the after hours. If tomorrow is an up day, (this stock likes it when the DOW is on the rise) I am going to estimate that this stock goes up another $3.00-5.00 a share sometime between open and close tomorrow. That's if the DOW goes up...it will be interesting to see.

Always perform your own due diligence before making any investment.

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