Sunday, November 11, 2007

Will the DOW test 12K?

That is what the Rainman predicts...

The road ahead is grim, but of course it is not forever. The market is correcting, and there is a couple ways to deal with it. One is to bail out of everything, and then reinvest once the market reverses again. Of course, that sell off leads to further panic and more sell off. The other way is to invest in solid companies, and hold on to them, knowing that they will come back in the long run. That has been my way of handling this, and they do always come back, and usually more than make up for their losses.

So, will Monday begin the buy back process, or will it be another down day? With options coming up on Friday, anything can happen. While I am enjoying my new found option trading, I am more heavily invested in calls than I expected to be going into this last week before option expiration. I will be planted at my computer Monday morning looking for some graceful outs, and hoping not to lose too much money.

My biggest guffaw where my POT calls. I was certain that it had strong resistance at 120. Comedy of errors, and next thing you know an order that I thought I had canceled, had actually been filled. Now I have two sets of POT calls that I have to find a way to unload. Sometimes I do too much thinking with my keyboard...

On a brighter note, my CROX calls that I had written off are starting to see some renewed life, so I may be able to recoup some of that. Navellier is still considering CROX a strong buy, how much it will rebound by Friday is up in the air though.

MVO has probably been my most stable investment through all of this. It's approaching it's one year in existence, and people may be starting to see it's potential as a steady income investment. Read more about my opinion of MVO here.

Well, I have a lot of research to get done before the market opens, so I'll leave you with this thought. It's not really a loss, unless you sell it. Good Fortune.

Always perform your own due diligence before making any investment.

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